Timo Huttunen

Timo Huttunen works for the ESA Technology Transfer Network. Looking constantly for opportunities to utilize space technology and space assets in everyday business, linking odd connections and loving to learn everyday more about what space can do for the society. Get inspired here www.app-camp.eu and www.esa-tec.eu.

Miranda Saarentaus

Miranda Saarentaus, M.Sc (Tech), a professional in geospatial information and applied remote sensing, is since 2011 the CEO and founder of Geowise Oy. Geowise is an innovative expert firm offering internationalisation of SMEs, coordination of domestic and international research projects. In the spring of 2013 Saarentaus started as an advisor for ESA (European Space Agency) ARTES 20 (IAP) and ARTES 3-4 programmes. Her main work as an advisor is to build sustainable space integrated services and applications with the Finnish industry and international partners. Geowise hosts ESA Integrated Applications Ambassador Platform in Finland.


Hannu Koskinen

Hannu Koskinen is Professor in Space Physics at the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki. He received his PhD degree in 1985 from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. During that time he was working as a member of the wave instrument team of the first Swedish scientific satellite Viking, which was launched in 1986. He has wide experience in both theoretical and experimental space plasma physics. He has been a co-investigator in a dozen spacecraft instruments that have measured plasma environments of the Earth, Mars, Venus and the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In addition to his scientific activities, Hannu Koskinen has been an active teacher. He has supervised about 25 PhD students, formulated the present space physics curriculum at the University of Helsinki, and written two text-books on space physics and one in classical mechanics.

Justin Dawson

Justin is a Sr. UI Developer and Team lead for Idean. He works out of Idean’s Palo Alto and San Francisco offices in California exploring new languages and frameworks. He’s passionate about sharing what he has learned and organizes monthly hacktogethers for his team to help encourage and transfer this knowledge. Justin’s personal focus is on Microcontrollers and creating truly connected home and office experiences leveraging Node.js. When Justin’s not coding, you will usually find him brewing beer or building palette furniture.

Jari Mäkinen

Jari Mäkinen is a space geek, drop-pout astronomer and a science journalist who has been working for magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and online media since 1990’s. He has written two books about space flight and followed especially manned space flight activities and European space programmes very closely. He also worked as a senior editor for human spaceflight for the European Space Agency in 2008-2012. After his contact at ESTEC, he has been living and working as a space promoter and a journalist in France, focusing mostly to new science and technology website Tiedetuubi , where he is an editor-in-chief.
Jari will also have a keynote on Sunday about what are the feelings in a real space flight.


Matt Wells

Matt is a Lead UI developer for Idean. He works out of Idean’s Austin office fostering a quickly growing team and dreaming of a world where every data layer has well-documented API’s, every car is self-driving, and every human can roam freely about the solar system. As a web-developer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience he’s been an active contributor to the code-community from AS3 libraries to LAMP frameworks and beyond. Recently he’s developed a healthy appetite for javascript application development driven by nodeJS. When Matt isn’t coding he’s probably doing push-ups or sampling Scotch.

Jeremy White

Jeremy is a Senior Mobile Developer and team lead for Idean’s Palo Alto studio. Jeremy seeks to be productive in a broad range of skills, and has experience developing for iOS, Android, and the web, with some devops experience as well. Jeremy is both personally and professionally passionate about clean code and connected life technologies. He has architected & implemented a cross-platform, open-source smart TV SDK, as well as released a smart home remote control app on the Google Play Store. Jeremy can usually be found in front of a computer, hacking away at something, or reading fantasy novels on his Kindle.

Maria Kokko

Maria is somewhat of a geek with a soft spot for all things space and scifi. Currently she enjoys tinkering with games be it designing physical board games or whacking goblins on PC. Maria is a visual thinker and has been at Idean for 4 years now while designing for playful startups and massive industrial machine systems. Challenge her with your problem and get new perspectives that you need for your idea to succeed even further!

Jimmy Salermo

Jimmy is a designer, a sci-fi geek and trekkie to the core. After 6 years in the fast paced world of advertising, he’s now designing user experiences and interfaces for the future at Idean. Jimmy’s team project in last year’s Space Apps Challenge in Tampere won Audience Choice and later Kennedy Space Center’s Space Wearables Challenge. NASA has launched a project based on their concept, showing how Space Apps participation can lead to real impact on space exploration. This year Jimmy is using his experience to help participants make the most of their projects.

Roope Kärki

Roope is a person who is ready to tackle all sorts of challenges regardless what they are. He is a motivational thinker who has an extensive experience in service – product and game design for over 7 years. Roope took part to several hackathons and won the Best Silverlight Game category together with his team and has also performed as a judge in Finnish Game Jam.

He is the person who will teach you how to pitch your concept, how to lure in listener or a possible investor to your work.